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This has been on my mind for a while, and don't want to make a deviation regarding this. I want to make it quick.

Hinata Hyuuga, NaruHina, and it's undeserved overpraise. Let's get to it.

"Hinata was always there for Naruto, and always supported him."
- You mean hiding behind whatever solid object she would come across, and not say a word to him during all the time he was alone as a child?

"Naruto always cared about Hinata."
- Excluding the shoehorned attempt to make this couple relevant with The Last, Naruto didn't put as much care on Hinata as he did with Sakura, Sasuke, and even Kakashi. He helped her when she needed it, and vowed to defeat Neji for her, but not enough to say he "always" cared about Hinata.

"Without Hinata, Naruto would had lost against Neji, captured by Pain, and would had lost hope in the Ninja War. Hinata is 60% relevant because of that."

- ...Really now?...

- The Ichiraku family were the first few to open up to Naruto
- Hiruzen helped Naruto find a starting place in the village
- Sasuke made Naruto realize he wasn't alone
- Iruka saved Naruto from Mizuki
- Kakashi saved Naruto from Zabuza
- Sasuke saved Naruto from Haku
- Jiraiya saved Naruto from Itachi and Kisame
- Tsunade saved Naruto from Kabuto
- Iruka encouraged Naruto to move forward after Jiraiya's death
- Minato gave up the Yang side of Kurama to revive Naruto
- Sakura patched up Naruto MULTIPLE times after his battles (And I hate Sakura, so no, I'm not a NaruSaku tard either)

And the most important of them all...
- Kushina and Minato GAVE their lives to protect an infant Naruto from Kurama

So let me ask you this:
How are Hinata's three little shining interactions with Naruto more important than ALL of the ones listed above?

As for the "60% relevant" claim...
Naruto Uzumaki himself, the main protagonist of the series, isn't even 60% relevant. Out of all the characters in the series, he's about 46% relevant. The story has a lore, characters, and events that are very important to the progress of the series, and most of which have nothing to do with Naruto.

- The birth of shinobi
- The creation of the Leaf Village
- Madara's downfall
- Obito's uprising
- Kurama's attack
- The foundation of the Akatsuki
- The Uchiha massacre

These events take up a lot of relevance in the Naruto universe. Events that Naruto doesn't partake in, dropping his relevance in the story. So how is Hinata more relevant than the main damn protagonist of the series?

Underdeveloped, overpraised, and a shoehorned movie based on this godforsaken couple as a sorry attempt to make them look good. People give NaruHina too much credit, and it deserves very little of it.



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